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Samples from my collection of 3D avatars and characters created for virtual worlds immersive environments. Atea Avatars has a flagship presence on the region Lethe, Isle of Wyrms, Second Life and on DarkMoon in the virtual world Inworldz.
Atea Avatars Role Play CharactersAtea Avatars NekosAtea Avatars Male Faery Royal ConsortsAtea Avatars Hybrid FaeriesAtea Avatars Human Male CharactersAtea Avatars Human Female CharactersAtea Avatars Fantasy AvatarsAtea Avatars Faery QueensAtea Avatars FaeriesAtea Avatars Drow AvatarsAtea Avatars Distinctive CharactersAtea Avatars Role Play and Fantasy CHaracters - BAtea Avatars Role Play and Fantasy Characters - A

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