throw grenades, but only now I notice the girl in the photos. She stands between the houses, in one hand she holds her basket with the dates, and with the other hand she beckons to me. She smiles. A shower over my body. On the next pictures you can see how grenades explode and the men hide or keep their eyes, only the little girl is always smiling between the houses.Two photos are washed out and one is difficult to recognize a soldier. I remember well this situation! The soldier shouted "In cover! Grenade!". I realized very late the one grenade landed half a meter next to me. I dropped my camera, crouched and pressed my hands with my hands. A dull bang sounded, but there was no explosion. The soldier called again "It was seemingly a dud, we were lucky again. Now

one shots the photographer away "Another soldier grabbed my camera and grabbed my arm, then pulled me away. I look at the next photo and can not believe what I see there. I rub my eyes once again, but I do not form the same! Apparently, the camera came to the fall on the trigger. The image is faded, but you can see how the little girl throws herself at the grenade. She saved my life and the soldiers! My tears come and I begin to cry. After I have calmed down, a thought comes into my mind, which I do not understand. After the explosion, her blood would have to be everywhere. Suddenly the door bell rings and I startle. This will surely
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this link I stop our desk task to get this done alternatively. My own life-goal would be to survive place independent, even if I find yourself expending the majority of from the day inside Italian capital. It's a worry associated with attitude: I have to really feel liberated to join a journey when I fancy. Speaking of which, I’m already nightmare something like three older getaway in order to undertake in 2016, that are Cape Area (SA), Bristol (GREAT BRITAIN) next Modern Orleans (US). In case you have ended up being right now there, allow me to experience the impressions!
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